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There's so much more to him then what I even thought. Through conversations, listening, breathing deep, and the techniques, I've been able to understand energy and my body in a way that makes sense to me

L. N.

When I first saw Lux I had no idea what tantra was. After a couple of sessions I was able to really drop in to the practice of what is means for me. I always look forward to working with him.


I never considered the possibility that my life would get better by working with him. He has given me tools to help me navigate the world with grace. All subsequent connections through the work feel like getting a car tuned up at the auto shop.


All of my emotional pain I was storing in my body is gone. I'm so happy. By telling him what I needed emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually, we were able to come up with a series of deep dives to break through what was holding me back in my life. 


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